Why is the Trading View platform needed and what is its purpose
About TradingView Platform
In 2011, the Tradingview platform was launched – a convenient website with charts, analytics and other articles on trading all kinds of assets. Any trader will find here useful information on trading stocks, raw materials, currency.

Tradingview (abbreviated TV or TV, TradingView) is an open platform where you can get the necessary information or read investment ideas or voice your own position on a particular trading asset.

The developers conceived the project as a platform for trading and analytics, along with the possibility of quick communication between traders and investors. The central office is located in New York (headquarters), the central office in Europe is located in London, other offices are located around the world, including Rostov, Moscow and St. Petersburg.
The site can be viewed in 18 languages.

Advantages of the Tradingview service

Today, TV is really the best analytical platform that allows you to fully conduct technical analysis using all kinds of graphical tools (technical indicators, ready-made trading strategy templates, screeners, etc.). Thanks to the website, a trader can easily track important economic news, corporate events, etc., using calendars of macroeconomic indicators and reports of large companies.

Speculators easily attach their brokers ' accounts to the platform to immerse themselves in the world of stocks, futures contracts, currency pairs. Here it is easy to exchange opinions on any instrument or asset, discuss an investment idea in a chat.

Of course, the MetaTrader trading terminal is also great for currency speculators, but the Tradingview chart is more functional, and the amount of information for "techies" and "fundamentalists" allows you to remain No. 1 in the world.

Tradingview charts are actively used by many reputable resources.

Interface, charts and trading strategies of the Tradingview platform

Despite the brevity, the visual display of the TV is intuitive and very convenient. There are 4 main control areas (this is a conditional markup) with a certain functional orientation.

The first zone is represented by a horizontal toolbar with windows for selecting a traded asset, a time interval, connecting charts of other assets, indicators and strategies, alerts, as well as trading strategy templates, etc.

The second zone in the form of the left vertical panel allows you to control the graphical tools.

In the right vertical panel we find the display of the economic calendar, reports of large companies, a news feed, activation windows, a chat for communication and a glass of prices.

The fourth zone allows us to apply a screener with parameters for selection, use a strategy tester and various scripts.

What to trade? For almost everyone, the service allows you to create a high-quality chart of any trading instrument, tailored to you and your preferences in trading on technical analysis. The world quotes of stocks, indices, currency pairs, CFDs are available here in a format that is convenient for you.The trader can choose any timeframe from 1 second to 1 month.

In addition to the traditional types of graphics (linear, candle and bar), exotic ones are available – tic-tac-toe, Renko and several others.

Thanks to Tradingview in Russian, as well as in other languages, you can create a variety of trading strategies (TS) on technical indicators or use signals of ready-made TS, where the popular RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD, etc. are used.

It is impossible not to note an interesting feature of the service – a pop-up window that allows you to select indicators or strategies. Thus, a trader can, for example, attach a chart of another instrument to the current asset chart, looking for a direct or inverse correlation on them in order to get a profit.

For example, if you attach an index chart to the current schedule of the selected stock, which includes this stock, then you can clearly see the benefits of this technique. Similarly, for the shares of energy companies, a comparison with the movements of oil futures will work.

Do not forget about pair trading or arbitrage trading, which are not often used, but are used to make a profit in the financial markets.

Graphical tools of the Tradingview platform

The left vertical panel of the Tradingview service contains the most complete graphical tools. Its main windows include:

The cursor.
Various lines – vertical, horizontal, trend, segments, rays, etc.
Graphical tools – Fibonacci, Gann, etc.
Tools that allow you to draw any geometric shape on the graph – a triangle, rectangle, ellipse, etc.
A window for text-labels, footnotes, price tags.
A window of patterns – triangles, heads and shoulders, double (triple) vertices( depressions), Elliott waves, cyclic lines.
A window that helps to control risks, visualize extremes, levels and ranges.
A set of icons.

Also, the left panel allows you to control the scale of the graph, delete or hide the drawn objects.
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